Avalon Ballard – Commercial & Residential


Through competitive pricing, solid planning, coordination and an excellent safety record, KLE was awarded the mass excavation and utilities work for the national apartment group Avalon Bay Communities.

Over 30 feet in depth, 5 acres and only 1 access point created unique site challenges on the project. Working in major metropolitan areas is a difficult task, but dispatching and coordinating over 50 trucks in busy downtown Seattle was not an issue for KLE.

  • Over 125,000 CY of Excavation, Trucking and Disposal
  • Demolition of Warehouse, Foundations & Utilities
  • Tower Crane Foundation, Setup & Support
  • Water & Sewer to Depths of 35ʹ Deep
  • Creating Public Safety, Traffic and Logistics Plans
  • Coordinating Public Transportation Shut Downs and Re-routing
  • Shoring Excavation, Shotcrete Support, Mass De-Watering and Filtering
  • The project was completed Safely, On Time and On Budget