Kum & Go – Fueling Stations


Working for national retailers requires a next level of support and execution. This is why Kum & Go chose to partner with KLE for their 2015 new builds.

When we received the call a year prior to starting construction, the task was simple. Would KLE be willing to provide budgeting and development assistance for a new Kum & Go project? During the process, by potholing and excavating potential existing utility services, KLE was able to determine that while the plans called for cutting in new water & sewer lines down a very busy road, there were undocumented existing services to the site on the opposite end of the project. Providing the client both cost & time savings prior to even beginning the project.

We provided “Kum and Go” with a full-service package including the redevelopment of both a 5 & 7 acre convenience store and fuel station sites.

The scope of work included:

  • Demolition and deconstruction of existing buildings.
  • Clearing, stripping and mass grading earthwork.
  • Underground utilities included water, sewer, storm drainage and pond installation.
  • Gravel bases, geotextile, pavement prep, building over excavation, dewatering and soil remediation.
  • Cement treated parking lots and drives.